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November 2009




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Nov. 23rd, 2009


(no subject)


Jun. 1st, 2008



Captain's Log: June 1, 1882. 2008
It has been far too long since I've smelled the foul air of London in my time. I've been stranded here for nearly 3 months, relying on this technology. Clockwork is obsolete. Steampower is laughed at. What has this world come to? My only hope is to get the Chronos Inflexus repaired. But that would involve neochronium. Unfortunately, my quest for an alchemist to procure at least a single grain has been quite unfulfilled. This is rather saddening.

This place, known as "Merritt's Island" is a terrible, hot, wretched land. Though, I have come across a large market, where I have purchased a delightful arsenal of gunnery by a company known as Nerf. It perplexes me how these soft bullets could do anything to a person. It further perplexes me how the colouring can be found as appealing. I've repainted them to make them appeal more to myself.

I've recruited a crew to help pilot my airship. They believe I am just some weirdo who is obsessed with the era. But, if they knew..

I must get back to work. There is science to be done. The Chronos Inflexus waits.

-Dr. Jonas Mortimer Renfield

May. 17th, 2008


A Children's Story About a Pirate

Once upon a time, there was an airship pirate named Dr. Jonas Mortimer Renfield.
He was an angry gentleman who smoked a pipe.

When he wasn't pillaging ships or taking captives and forcing them to dance the electric slide, he sat around contemplating life.

One day, while shooting at tiny air-krakens that seemed to infest his ship, he realized something. "Maybe," he said, "the life of an airship pirate is not the life for me. Perhaps, I should be a hatmaker! That's it! Habedashery! A nice safe, sane business."

So he did. He became a habedasher. And after one week, he went insane. He let his hair go down. He drank tea.

This was not good. His crew found him and gave him a bottle of solution to restore his mind. He drank away fiercely.

And before they knew it, they had their regular, sane captain back.

In his week of habedashey, he discovered a method of time traveling. He decided to build a Chronos Inflexus.

So he did, but due to a lack of a neo-shoopy engine, it wouldn't function correctly. "By jove, I have an idea!" he proclaimed.

It worked! Even though he lacked a neo-shoopy engine, he still somehow made it to the future. And there he resides, blending in with the commonfolk and chatting on the etherwebs.

The end.

May. 14th, 2008


absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Good day, all none of you at the moment.
I am currently broadcasting my life on the aetherweb.
How delightful is that?

Anyway. Uhm.
I don't know.
I'll upload some pictures later. Maybe one of me with a fork in my nose, cause that seems fashionable.
And who knows? Maybe one of the Chronos-Inflexus.

The Good Doctor.